Transformer windings; It differs according to its power, voltage and connection group. Copper or aluminum conductors are used in the windings according to the demands of the customers. Insulation materials play an important role in the durability of the transformer. Özçelik Transformatör uses insulation materials from manufacturers whose quality it trusts.


Primary and secondary windings have no electrical connection. Primary and secondary windings of transformers, as they are electrically insulated from each other; it is also insulated from the core. The core is made of silicon coated steel with atoms oriented. When a voltage is applied on one of the coils in the core, a magnetic flux is formed on the core. Özçelik Transformatör carries out the test process in accordance with the standard of Core and Body Insulation Control (TS EN 60076-1 Article 11.12) after the montage is completed.


As each part of the transformer has its own importance, its tank is also important. Wavy walls should be of appropriate length and thickness, taking into account the expansion of oil according to the operating temperature of the transformer. After the welding operations of the tank are completed, the final checks are made with an oil leak test.


Özçelik Transformatör completely cleans the transformers from moisture and air with furnace and oil filling under vacuum. If the active part of the transformer is not properly vacuum dried and oil filled, the moisture inside; It causes the insulation paper of the transformer to be deformed or the number of dielectric layers to decrease. Özçelik Transformatör carries out the drying and oil filling process in accordance with the standards with its knowledge and experience.


Routine tests are tests applied to all transformers manufactured. In addition, we also carry out special tests at the request of the customers and depending on the agreements.

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