Özçelik Transformatör On-Site Maintenance

We offer our customers regular and planned on-site maintenance and repair services for their transformers. For this purpose, we will come directly to the location of your transformer with our mobile service units. Regardless of the manufacturer, size or type of your transformer, our Özçelik Transformatör experts can perform on-site maintenance and repair work suitable for the outdoor field.

Some of the Sectors We Serve;

  • Industrial Industry
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants [HEPP]
  • Geothermal Power Plants [GPP]
  • Wind Power Plants [WPP]
  • Solar Power Plants [SPP]

Benefit from Regular “On Site Checks” of Your Transformers  

Our Özçelik Transformatör experts take oil samples from your transformer at the location you have requested, and report them to you after testing, these transactions are free of charge. In this way, our customers can be sure that the external conditions as well as the internal condition of their transformers will remain in good condition thanks to regular checks.

Özçelik Transformatör Service Concept

In cases where oil test values of your transformer do not comply with the standards; We will discuss the necessary measures for preventive maintenance or optimization of operational safety. In addition to occupational and environmental protection measures; You are offered suggestions for degassing and drying the liquid and solid dielectric material, and changing the insulating oil completely when necessary. Until the oil change of your transformer is completed, we provide a free transformer with suitable power. You can continue your activities without interrupting energy.

As Özçelik Trafo, we offer the following services to our customers outside;

  • Measuring Coil Resistance
  • Measuring the Voltage Conversion Ratio and Controlling the Phase Difference
  •  Measuring Insulation Resistance
  • Oil Puncture Voltage Measurement, Oil Chemical Tests
  •  Air Dryer Exchange Service
  •  Leak Control And Welding Retouching Service
  •  Accessory Gasket Replacement Service
  •  Contact Surfaces Cleaning Service
  •  Defective Accessory Repair Or Exchange Service
  •  Oil Purification, Replacement And Complementary Service
  •  General Transformer Exterior Cleaning and Painting Retouching Service
  •  Reporting Service of Measurements and Operations

As Özçelik Trafo, we do not only carry out on-site maintenance, but also provide necessary information so that our customers do not encounter the same problem again. Özçelik Trafo also endeavors to avoid problems. Of course, it is beneficial for our customers to talk to our experts for other problems other than their own. Because small problems can become big problems outside of expert hands.

On-Site Repair Possibilities

Thanks to Özçelik Transformatör, we can remove the risk and time of transportation of your transformer, and if the operations to be done are suitable for the outer field, we can renew, repair and test operations directly in the field. So we can get your transformer back up faster than a factory repair or delivery of a new transformer.

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