Repair And Maintenance Services

Free transformer expertise and oil test services are provided by coming to the location of your transformer for transformer maintenance and repair operations. The expert staff of our factory has the necessary knowledge and experience in the repair and maintenance of distribution, medium power, power and special type transformers. During the repair or maintenance of your transformer, you can benefit from our free escrow transformer service and continue your activities. Your transformers are tested in accordance with the standards in our Bursa Test Laboratory. As Özçelik Transformatör, our repair services start with the free expertise of the defective transformer. Pricing is made according to the expertise report.

In this context,

  • Coil Winding Renewal
  • Renewal of Insulating Oil
  • Core Renewal & Repair
  • Boiler, Cover and Tank Repair
  • Paint can be dried under vacuum.

The operations made to your transformer are under warranty for 1 (ONE) YEAR against manufacturing faults by our factory.

For transformer maintenance services, our technical personnel, who are expert in their field, come to your workplace as soon as possible after your application to our company and perform the maintenance services of your transformers. Some of the maintenance and field tests can be done where your transformers are located. In addition, if your transformer to be maintained is required to come to the factory, a transformer with suitable power will be allocated free of charge until the operations are completed. In this way, you can continue your production without any interruption in the energy of your enterprises.

Our Revision Services

You can review our repair, maintenance and revision processes. You can look at the change before and after the revision.
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