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Who Are We?

The Source of Energy Özçelik Transformatör

ÖZÇELİK Transformatör Con. Electric ind. And Trade. Ltd. Co. We continue our activities that we started in the field of transformer maintenance and repair on 22/06/2005 by adding the field of distribution transformers production under the brand name ÖZÇELİK as of 2006. Our Bursa-based factory is in a leading position in the region. In addition to meeting the transformer needs of our country, our company exports to all over the world, especially to Asian and African countries.

Özçelik Transformatör

Özçelik Transformatör manufactures distribution transformers in the range of 50 kVA – 1600 kVA up to 36 kV in accordance with TEDAŞ technical specifications, TSE and IEC 60076 standards. Our new manufacturing distribution transformers are under warranty for 2 (TWO) YEARS from the date of delivery against workmanship and manufacturing defects. Transformers; It is delivered with TSE and ISO 9001: 2015 certificates, warranty certificate and test report. Expert staff; has the necessary knowledge and experience in the repair and on-site maintenance of distribution, medium power, power and special type transformers. In addition, it can perform transformer tests with the only transformer test laboratory of Bursa. We have adopted a quality and affordable service approach to our customers with the factories we have contracted for the sale of medium power, power and dry type transformers, especially in the industrial industry and energy production facilities. We also contribute to the economy of our country with the export process of distribution transformers produced in our factory.

Our Services;

With Özçelik Transformatör, we provide services with our effective and efficient works so that no business will run out of energy and continue production. Our aim as a company; It is the ability of your businesses to continue production without any interruption in transformer failures. We allocate free escrow transformers in cases such as malfunction and maintenance for any reason. Thus, your business continues production until the repair of your broken transformer is completed. In addition, our factory; It provides services such as Production, Repair, On-Site Maintenance, Transformer Sales of Any Power and Model Requested, Second Hand Transformer Sales, Transformer Laboratory Tests and Contract Coil Winding. With our developed export network, we are able to provide our services both domestically and abroad.

Our goal is to provide you, our valued customer, the best service in transformer by offering high efficiency, safe, accurate and economical solutions.


ÖZÇELİK TRANSFORMATÖR has adopted an understanding based on quality and 100% customer satisfaction as a principle. This understanding of quality has been adopted by our company not only in the product, but also in all corporate dimensions including sales and service processes.


To provide the best quality products and services to our customers.


To be the preferred, reputable and leading company.

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